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Doctor Online

Introducing AMC’s 24/7 #Doctor_Online membership service, a direct physician to patient video consultation service designed for quick and easy access to an AMC GP, Family Physician, or Pediatrician via smartphone.

“Healthy Life” with AMC

The number of overweight people continues to grow. In certain countries over 30% of its population suffers from obesity and related disease. The largest risk factor is malnutrition, often due to an in-balance of poor eating habits and lack of physical activity. Being overweight is not just about how you look. Over time, it means that…

The Importance of Nutrition on our Mental Health

Mental health helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Unfortunately, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the world. In addition to healthy guidelines, such as eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and limiting or avoiding…

QSI Children’s Day at AMC

In March, American Medical Centers helped organize an informational tour for eight and nine year-old students of Kiev International School. The purpose of the lecture and tour was to introduce children to the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The children were shown: How to provide first aid How to handle an injury such as a…

AMC Assist opens in Almaty, Kazakhstan

American Medical Centers is proud to introduce its newest clinic location and pre-opening Assist office located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. AMC Assist is AMC’s 24-hour on-call physician service, serving tourists, business travelers, expats, and the entire Almaty community at home, hotel, or office. Please call us anytime at +7 708 98 33 000 American Medical Centers Almaty,…

6 Ways to Encourage Good Mental Health in Children

Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety are often thought of as adult problems, but unfortunately they affect many children too—although children may be less likely to talk about it or know how to deal with it. That’s why the onus is often on parents and doctors to recognize signs of mental illness in young…

AMC: Bringing Patient-Driven Care to Georgia

American Medical Centers Georgia opened its first Georgian facility last year, combining the latest in Western medicine practices with highly educated and qualified local physicians. spoke with AMC Group president Alex Sokol about medical care in Georgia and what AMC brings to the healthcare market. Read more ->  

Smart Way to Detox Before the Holidays

There are plenty of reasons to cleanse and detox before the holidays. These are just a few: you’ll be rid of the body’s internal roller coaster of sugar highs and lows which will help you make better choices at the holiday dinner table; you’ll have a better sense of portion control; your body will be…

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