Why flu shots are important during COVID-19?

Dear Patient,


I realise that there has been some concern and questions as to whether patients should receive influenza vaccines this year, especially as many people have had Covid vaccines, or have had Covid, or are planning Covid vaccination.


The medical evidence is that it is quite safe to have influenza vaccine, even if you have had Covid vaccination, have had Covid or are planning Covid vaccinations. Indeed, major pharmaceutical companies are working on combining Covid booster vaccines with influenza vaccines for future use.


This year it is even more important to have an influenza vaccine because:


If you are unvaccinated, you may catch Covid and influenza at the same time in which case you will have an increased risk of hospitalisation or even death, more so than if you had a single infection of either Covid or Influenza

If you are vaccinated, you may still catch the delta (or any future mutation) version of Covid and if you have this at the same time as influenza your risks of hospitalisation are much higher. Usually, Covid vaccination will minimise these risks if you are protected from influenza.

If you have not received Covid vaccination I would advise you to consider being vaccinated when supplies are available. AMC Physicians are happy to offer you advice about this and some Clinics can facilitate your local vaccination. AMC Clinics have very high rates of vaccination and immunity against Covid, and continue to remain both a safe environment, and to practice preventative measures.

In all markets, perhaps because of Covid, there have been delays this year in the supply of vaccines, but Clinics have opened a “waiting list” so you may click the link below and have your name added to the waiting list.


Yours sincerely, Dr. Richard Styles


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