Richard Styles

Dr Styles has 40 years experience as a doctor having spent 25 years as a Senior Family Medicine Clinician in the UK. He was an Examiner of the Royal College of General Practitioners for 20 years and for the General Medical Council of UK for 8 years. His past appointments include being an external examiner to an American medical school, a development consultant to the Kuwait government, and a lecturer in post-graduate medicine.

He has spent many years in the assessment and development of standards in Family Medicine. From 2003 to 2006 he successfully directed an EU project in Ukraine developing family medicine, he still works as a consultant to Conseil Sante in the international development of family medicine. Dr Styles was appointed to AMC Kyiv Family Physician department in January 2008 and was appointed Medical Director in July 2011. Dr Styles is responsible for bringing international standards of practice to all clinics in the AMC group and closely monitors and supervises those standards.

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