Prenatal Plan
We offer a package of care for pregnant women, which brings together both international standards of maternity care and in some cases those standards that are required by our host countries. Our obstetricians and gynaecologists are fully trained in modern ante-natal care and are available to discuss the care package with you.
We work closely with our partner hospitals for the delivery of your child and have our managed care plans for your new-born child. Our Prenatal Package therefore offers a seamless system of care for you and your child. Through years of experience, we recognise some of the anxieties of pregnancy in another country and our specialists are very open to discuss these aspects of your care.


  • AMC Gynecologist Consultations x 8
  • AMC GP Consultations x 2
  • AMC Ophthalmologist Consultation
  • AMC Dentist Consultation (If prescribed)

Laboratory Studies

Quantitative βHCG x 3
CBC (Complete Blood Counts) x 3
Blood Group and Rhesus Factor Typing
Vitamin D
Glucose Tolerance Test
Rapid STI Panel x 2
Group B Streptococcus
Blood Glucose
Urinalysis (each visit) x 8
Urine Culture
WET Prep
PAP Smear (if prescribed)

Genetic Screening (11-13 weeks) (βHCG and PAPP-A, Genetic Specialist's report)

Genetic Screening between 17-21 weeks (βHCG, Estriol, and a-FP)

Ultrasound Studies

Ultrasounds: 11th - 13th weeks, 18 - 21st weeks, 22nd week, 32nd week plus doppler, 36th week
CTG – Cardiotocography (if prescribed)
ECG – Electrocardiography


Validity – till 36th week

Total Price: €1500

* Any additional lab studies, specialist consultations, diagnostics, or procedures will be provided in a separate invoice

** A separate invoice will be made for all medications

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