Thyroid Check-Up
Of the many hormones in your body, thyroid hormones are perhaps the most important, as they regulate your metabolism and are required for nearly every physiological process in your body. When your thyroid levels are unbalanced, it can spell serious trouble.

In short, your thyroid is responsible for energy production, good mood and being fit. An imbalance can lead to significant health issues, including fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, gum disease and autoimmune disorders, just to name a few.

Fortunately, thyroid hormone imbalances are often treatable, and can potentially reverse symptoms of related health conditions.

Essentially: The thyroid gland regulates metabolism, which can really be seen as systemic energy production. If you aren’t producing energy efficiently, this is where we find all of the problems of life.

A cost-effective health check recommended each year covering full Thyroid Panel Blood test and Thyroid Ultrasound as well as other related blood work.


What is included

GP Consultation or Endocrinologist consultation

Thyroid Panel (TSH,FT4,FT3)

Thyroid Ultrasound


Vitamin D


Total Price: €140

* Any additional lab studies, specialist consultations, diagnostics, or procedures will be provided in a separate invoice

** A separate invoice will be made for all medications

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