Long Covid Treatment
We recognise that many patients may be anxious that their Covid infection has caused continuing problems and although this is unlikely Covid-19 is a multi-system disease and can cause on-going health problems. We have therefore designed a group of tests to examine bodily systems to check that they are unharmed. The Package will start with a Physicians consultation which will assess and potential problems and discuss any psychological difficulties caused either by the virus or by lockdown.
The tests assess cardiac health, liver and renal function and clotting mechanisms as well as Ferritin and Vitamin D which are important for continuing good immunity. Assessments are also made of Post-Covid antibodies and the Physician will discuss these with you. The results of the test will be communicated by telephone or e-mail. The tests need to be done on a fasting blood sample – no food from midnight the day before and only water as fluids.

What’s Included?

ECG (Checks heart function and damage)

D-Dimer (Checks blood clotting)

Haematology Panel (Checks blood clotting)

Liver Panel (Checks liver function and damage)

Renal Panel (Checks kidney function and damage)

Fasting Blood Glucose (Checks for post Covid diabetes)

CBC & CRP (Full blood check, white and red cells, and signs of inflammation)

Ferritin (Checks iron stores)

Vitamin D (Enables good immunity)

COVID-19 IgG & IgM (Covid antibodies)

Total Price: €295

* Any additional lab studies, specialist consultations, diagnostics, or procedures will be provided in a separate invoice

** A separate invoice will be made for all medications

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